3 Days poster - Wood Entertainment
A man has died. He must now re-live his last three days on earth devoid of his personal memories to determine his place in the after life.
21 Years Richard Linklater - Wood Entertainment

A spirited look at the first 21 years of writer/director Richard Linklater's remarkable career, featuring interviews with collaborators Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Billy Bob Thornton, Keanu Reeves, Jack Black, and more.

House Hunting - Wood Entertainment
2 families looking for a new home go to an isolated open house, but when they find a girl with no tongue, they soon discover they can't leave.
Pretending I'm a Superman - Wood Entertainment

Pretending I'm a Superman is the first-ever feature-length documentary about the Tony Hawk games. It covers the entire story from start to finish, told from the perspective of the developers and skaters who were involved in the successful franchise.

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